The maintenance of your sandblasting equipment is reliable, regular, and transparent.

    To ensure your sandblasting equipments is continually in proper condition, we offer a periodic repair service.
    Upon request, we can also stipulate a maintenance contract.

    Maintenance contracts for sandblasting equipment

    Under a maintenance contract, you will receive our periodic visits to replace worn parts or carry out repairs. These repairs include, for example, abrasive losses due to leaks, build-up welding in the blasting room as well as on linings, damages to the bucket elevator (magnet) sorting, the screener, the loading bucket, and much more. In addition, we examine the functionality of the machine-connected piping.

    During the inspection and repair operations, potential work for further visits is detected and written down. With this information, we verify our company spare parts inventory and inform you, both orally and in writing, of the appointment and repair details.

    Repair service intervals for sandblasting equipment

    To provide additional information on the service intervals for sandblasting equipment we mentioned above, we deem it useful to describe the criteria underlying such interval definition.

    To determine the service interval periods, we answer the following questionnaire:

    • How many hours is your blasting equipment operational per day, week, and month?
    • What blasting-grain type, size, and condition is used for blasting?
    • Which parts will be blasted?
    • Do you blast forged or casted parts?
    • How old is your equipment?// How old are your equipment?

    Optimization of your sandblasting equipment

    Based on this questionnaire and the ensuing criteria, we determine the service intervals that best match your sandblasting equipment. Furthermore, it is also important to properly adjust the blasting pattern, sand separation, dust extraction etc. on your device to ensure its adequate operation and thus an optimal sandblasting efficiency.

    We are responsible for the proper device configuration and, if you so desire, we can also provide advice and support as regards its operational procedures.

    To ensure you are permanently informed of your sandblasting equipment condition, we provide a detailed installation report upon our service visit.

    Naturally, your sandblasting equipment may undergo major repairs at some point. In such event, we would provide you with timely information, both orally and in writing, as we approach the service interval visit. In doing so, we wish to ensure you have ample time to acquire any spare parts deemed necessary for said repairs.