A selection of interesting orders shows the versatility of our services.

    Frauenthal Powertrain GmbH

    In the first of April 2017, the plant Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH was acquired by the Frauenthal Group. Again, the good, as well as many years of cooperation with Brockhaus and Mahle, our competence and our know-how are the trailblazers for a continuing and good business relationship.

    We wait, repair here the sandblasting equipment with the appropriate suction pipes. The sand blasting machine area has been expanded to include a new machine, so that now the T-13 type two machines, the DTC 2-338 type two machines a trough belt and the T-7 type also two machines in our maintenance.

    We also wait for the spiral conveyors at the forging plants and also manufacture the tipping bucket for these plants.

    In the final production we wait and repair the control tables (rotary tables).

    Franken Guss Kitzingen GmbH & KG

    Repair of one sandblasting device from Fa. Georg Fischer AG. Several renewals and modifications with manganese panels were performed.

    Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH

    In June 2001, Brockhaus Gesenkschmiede GmbH required the repair of five sandblasting devices and thus laid the foundation for years of solid cooperation.

    At the beginning of 2004, Brockhaus was taken over and transformed by Mahle. Since then, they are jointly known as Mahle Brockhaus GmbH.
    However, this merger did not affect our good contractual relationship, since our competence and know-how allowed us to win the confidence of Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH.

    In October 2007, this trust in our company was reflected again through the mandate to set up and place in service new sandblasting equipment. Later on, we extended our maintenance program at Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH to cover a total of six machines: two T-13 machines, two DTC 2-338 machines, and two T-7 machines.

    In 2017, the supplier Frauenthal Powertrain GmbH took over the company Mahle Motor Components.

    Daimler AG Stuttgart-Mettingen

    On 26 July 2003, Daimler AG in Stuttgart-Mettingen commissioned us the maintenance and repair of three sandblasting devices, two DS 5-338 machines, and one DS 1-338. In 2007, one of these sandblasting devices was outsourced to Most in the Czech Republic, where it has been serviced and repaired by us since then.

    C. Grossmann Stahlguss GmbH

    From 31 March 2006, we also maintain and repair the two forming machines ARPA1300 of C. Grossmann Stahlguss GmbH. Since then, this company relies on our competence, extended experience, and know-how to solve any problems with their forming machines.

    Daimler AG Mannheim

    Daimler AG in Mannheim joined our customer base in November 2006. Our first contract included the complete replacement of their twin-shaft mixers. AMoreover, additional business was expected as we managed to convince Daimler AG through our quality work, reliability, and timely entry into service. Indeed, the follow-up order related to the extension of an old twin-shaft mixer and the installation of a new one.

    Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg GmbH & Co. KG

    Furthermore, Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg GmbH & Co. KG became a customer on 20 October 2008.
    This company was referred to us by other customers and since then we assumed with our usual reliability and proficiency – within our established service intervals – the maintenance and repair of their five sandblasting machines: one Brück Muldenband R3d, one Berger Muldenband BR50, one Vogel & Schemmann Muldenband, as well as two Wheelaborator-Berger Muldenband.