Success = lasting cooperation with satisfied customers + our complete service.

    Amongst our customers, which have partially required our service for many years, we must include the following:

    • Since 1991, Franz Lohr GmbH, based in Ravensburg and successfully operating in pipeline construction, engineering, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Since 1994, Dodek Technik, based in Bad Wurzach and specialized in flame cutting, extraction, and filtering systems
    • Since 1994, Zerrle Schweißtechnik GmbH based in Augsburg
    • Since 1996, BMDDISA, and Georg Fischer, which in 2000 formed the joint venture Georg Fischer Disa GmbH, locating their engineering and sales areas in Karlsruhe
    • Since 2001, Brockhaus Gesenkschmiede in Plettenberg, a manufacturer of parts for commercial vehicles, which at the beginning of 2004 was taken over by Mahle, being known since then as Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH based in Plettenberg.
    • Since 2002, Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG in Stadtallendorf, a manufacturer of cylinder blocks for passenger cars and commercial vehicles/heavy diesel engines, cylinder heads of one to six cylinders, camshafts (produced in the TIG process), ventilated brake discs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, brake drums for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, housings for hydraulic systems, boiler body for heating systems, and flywheels for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
    • Since 2003, Daimler AG in Stuttgart-Mettingen
    • Since 2006, C. Grossmann Stahlguss GmbH, the world’s leading manufacturer of components of heavy-duty cast steel in Solingen
    • Since 2006, Daimler AG in Mannheim
    • Since 2008, Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg GmbH & Co. KG, which produces gears, motors, and drives
    • Since 2015 Hans Hund GmbH & Co. KG
    • Since 2016 Federal-Mogul Friedberg GmbH
    • Since 2017 Frauenthal Powertrain GmbH which took over on 01.04.2017 Mahle Motorkomponenten GmbH

    You will find additional information on some of our most interesting customer projects in the projects section